$14.75/Glass     $58.00/Bottle

This distinctive white blend marries the crisp, honeyed citrus fruit of Chenin Blanc (78%) with the plush body, soft floral and juicy peach notes of Viognier (22%) for a lush, versatile and delicious wine.  Pairs nicely with seafood and spicy dished. 

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$14/Glass     $55/Bottle

Produced in the Maconnais region of Burgundy which is well-suited to the Chardonnay grape.  This wine is produced without oak contact to maximize the vibrant flavor.  100% unbaked Chardonnay. This produces bright and crisp notes of apple.  Pairs well with shellfish, conch cakes or goat cheese (found in our house cheese blend). 

$10.50/Glass     $41.00/Bottle

The Rose Garden at Boschendal is home to one of the oldest collections of Cape roses and an iconic national treasure in South Africa.  soft, juicy and bouncing with succulent ripe strawberries, raspberries and mulberries tinged with a hint of spice.  A refreshing crisp rose finishing with great balance and intense fruit. 

$9/Glass     $35/Bottle

This youthful, light-bodied red wine has a fresh, juicy complexion of berry and pomegranate with delicate floral aromas and bright acidity. Pairs well with red meat, roasted meat and salmon.