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*48 Hour Notice Preferred

**7 Days for 16 or more people

 Stuffed Pies  $12

 Dough stuffed with Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli,  

 Cauliflower and mixed cheeses; then baked to a crispy  

 perfection. Served with Mango Tomato chutney and 

 topped with a lemon-herb drizzle. 

 Stuffed Squash Blossoms*  $12

 Squash Blossoms stuffed with cheese and dipped in a 

 light tempura batter and quickly fried.  Served with 

 pepper jelly.

 Almond Battered Shrimp^  $15

 Plump Shrimp crusted with almond flour and quickly 

 fried.  Served with pepper jelly.  

 Conch Fritters  $14

 Pan-seared Conch cake.  Served with honey jalapeƱo 


 Duck Spring Rolls $12 

 3 Spring Rolls. Filled with Duck, Red Cabbage, Noodles   

 and green onions. Served with Honey Jalapeno sauce.y.

Vegan **

Vegetarian *

Gluten Free ^

Prices for togo are subject to extra fees.

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